Hand turned stone carafe

Soapstone carafe

Sleek, simple and beautifully hand crafted. Perfect for serving just the right amount of wine or a very special vintage. Hand crafted from soapstone.

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Stunning hand crafted soapstone 'sake inspired' carafe. Sleek, simple and tactile. Adds stature to the table. Can be used to maintain warmth, an even temperature or keeping liquid cool. A stylish way of serving wine - especially a special vintage. Very cool and eco friendly. 

Dimensions  150 mm high approx 55m in diameter. Slightly tapered at the base.

About the supplier:

This Perth based company has won 2 awards, one each in Eco and Innovation Categories for the 2015 Gift Liftstyle Awards. They have partnered with a USA team who have a mission to clean up and preserve soapstone quarries worldwide. A significant amount of soapstone is scrapped in the search for flawless large pieces. Discarded blocks are tossed to the side of the roads to and from quarries destroying the landscape aesthetically and environmentally. These pieces are picked up and hand crafted into beautiful useable pieces.