Stubby/breezer holder. Caption - They laughed

Breezer/long neck holder - 'They Laughed'

Perfect for keeping your breezer or long neck cool.  You'll also be pretty cool with one of these fabulous quality holders - also a great gift.

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Australian designed character 'ellie' is cute-as-a-button.  She is featured here on a fabulous high quality breezer/long neck holder.  "They laughed" is on one side of the holder and on the other side "but she did it anyway".  Staying true to her edge. This and other 'ellie' moments are also availabe on wine coolers and greeting cards.

About the artists:

Meet "ellie", the adorable character of Jacqui Pierce (artist) and Samantha Hart (graphic designer) - two fabulous & creative Australian ladies from North East Victoria.  They bring their "ellie" moments for us all to enjoy on high quality wine coolers, greeting cards and breezer holders.  

 Jacqui has been drawing ‘ellie’ for about 6 years.  It all started with pencil sketches and has evolved into a mixture of etching, pen & hand painting with glossy colors. Jacqui is inspired by street art and the surrealists. Imagine ‘ellie’ is all the situations her and her friends encounter during their lives.

Sam, Jacqui’s sister, loves turning the imagine ‘ellie’ images into products.  They both love being mum’s and looking out for the next imagine ‘ellie’ moment!

Imagine ‘ellie’ - original images on fun giftware.