Hand crafted small soapstone bowl

Soapstone small bowl

Hand crafted soapstone small bowl - a reflection of the timlessness of simple lines and elegance. Perfect for condiments, dipping sauces, nuts and snacks, and brilliant for keeping dips cool.

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Stunning hand crafted soapstone bowl. A great addition to any food lover's kitchen. Use it to serve condiments, dipping sauces, or harness the soapstone's temperature retain qualities to keep dips chilled. Very cool, very stylish and eco friendly.

Dimensions  90mm diameter x 55 mm high. Bowl tapers to a base of 45mm in diameter.

About the supplier:

This Perth based company has won 2 awards, one each in Eco and Innovation Categories for the 2015 Gift Liftstyle Awards. They have partnered with a USA team who have a mission to clean up and preserve soapstone quarries worldwide. A significant amount of soapstone is scrapped in the search for flawless large pieces. Discarded blocks are tossed to the side of the roads to and from quarries destroying the landscape aesthetically and environmentally. These pieces are picked up and hand crafted into beautiful useable pieces.