Stunning stone tumbler

Soapstone Tumbler

Very stylish eco friendly hand crafted soapstone tumbler. Interesting and very different. Beautiful to hold and to drink from. Freeze, pour - enjoy. Can also be heated.

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This modern soapstone tumbler makes a statement. Keep it in the freezer and serve your favourite liquor or your best mixed drink without the need for ice. You can also heat it up to serve a hot chocolate, or tea. A stunning hand crafted soapstone tumbler.  

Place in the freezer, remove, pour in your favourite beverage - enjoy your chilled drink.  Very cool, very stylish and eco friendly.

Dimensions  90mm high x 75mm diameter

About the supplier:

A Perth based company that imports soapstone from the U.S.A - they have a mission to clean up and preserve soapstone quarries worldwide. A significant amount of soapstone is scrapped in the search for flawless large pieces. Discarded blocks are tossed to the side of the roads to and from quarries destroying the landscape aesthetically and environmentally. These pieces are picked up and hand crafted into beautiful useable pieces.